HOW TO TAKE PANORAMIC PHOTOS | Photography courses Gurgaon

A panoramic image depicts a field of view considerably wider than the one that can be captured in one exposure, and it tells a more complex story and draws the viewer of the image closer to the feeling of what it was like to be there.

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To make a panorama,Photography courses Gurgaon you take several shots that capture overlapping sections of the scene; then you use imaging software to seamlessly stitch (that is, join) the sections together.

The First step in the whole process of taking a panoramic image is selecting a suitable landscape to photograph. One should always select, the “golden hours” of the day, meaning an hour before, during or after sunrise or sunset.

The Second step is the GEAR. A tripod with a built in bubble level and of course a ball head, so that you can smoothly turn your camera to capture the sections of the scene that the software will stitch to form the bigger picture.

The Third step is the to shoot in the manual mode and not to change the exposure between the shots.

The Fourth step is to overlap your shots by at least 30%. If you are shooting in landscape mode, overlap each image by at least 30% and if you are shooting in portrait mode, overlap it by 50 %. Overlapping allows the software you are using to stitch the images together better.

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